Tathra Enduro

Tathra MTB Enduro - Mountain Bike Race

WHEN: June 11-12 2016

WHERE: Tathra, Far South Coast NSW (6 hours south of Sydney, 3 hours south east of Canberra and 3 hours north of Bairnsdale).

DISTANCE:  Saturday - FREE kids races, Lap-it-Up 10km and 20km participation rides 

Sunday - Bundadung Tuff 25km, Mitas Rubena 50km (single track) and King Nelba 100km

Click here to download the 2015 Tathra Enduro Lap It Up Results

Click here to download the 2015 Tathra Enduro Sunday Results

Click here to download the 2014 Tathra Enduro Sunday Results


ENTRY FEES:  to be confirmed for 2016

Bega Cheese Children's Chase  1km and 3km      FREE
Lap-It-Up 10km Adult  $25
    Under 15  $20
Lap-It-Up  20km Adult  $30
    Under 15  $25
* Tuff 25 25km   Adult  $40
    Under 15  $25
* Mitas Rubena  50km   Adult  $80
* King Nelba  100km   Adult  $100
Early Bird entry fees. From June 1 all entry fees marked with an * go up $30 per event.

Additional late fees of $20 apply to those who opt to enter on the weekend.

All non MTBA members will also incur a $20 fee for a MTBA race day permit.

"What an amazing group of people you are down in Tathra.....professionally run event on world class trails. You tested the body, mind and skills and bikes of a whole lot of lucky mountain bikers, my wife and I thank you so much.... take a bow Tathra MTB."


What makes the Tathra MTB Enduro so special?

Experience one of Australia's most iconic destinations at the 2015 Tathra MTB Marathon. Now in its fifth year the Tathra MTB Marathon has gained a cult following for its super flowing seaside single track, and its enthusiastic community spirit.

Don't believe us? Look what others are saying: http://flowmountainbike.com/features/flow-nation-tathra-nsw/.

So say sayonara to the silly season of summer racing and join us this long weekend (June 6-7) for a great laid back two days of MTB riding.

Single track lovers, grab your entry ticket.....the marathon King Nelba 100km, the Mitas Rbena 50km and Bundadung Tuff 25km, are majority single track - with just a sprinkling of fire road to give you breathing and overtaking space.

Back in 2015 are the Lap-It-Up 10km and 20km rides. These lap races cover the easy, less technical lower trails of Bundadung and are ideally suited to MTB newcomers and children eager to test their stamina. These rides are all about "having a go", building confidence and enjoying the experience. Random prizes only. Then who can forget the little guys with the free kids Bega Cheese Children's Chase.

We do things a little differently down south, so if you want a real taste of Tathra from the trails, event prizes, community spirit and fabulous beaches, please join us.

The Event Background

The Tathra Enduro is a mountain biking odyssey that pays homage to the early coastal pioneers and captures the best of beaches, the forests and the mountains.

From Tathra Beach, Ford’s Farm and south to White Rock and Boulder Bay the event offers a rare opportunity to race along the coastline, tracking through reclaimed farmland and the stunning Mimosa Rocks and Bournda National Parks.

Local history is full of old tales about gold being in ‘them thar hills’.  Hundreds prospectors flooded into the area in the 1850s. Whilst the boom in Tanja proved short lived – the prospectors have left behind a “gold mine” of trails.

Loggers also plied their trade in the early to mid 1900s in the nearby Tanja forests.  The forests were alive as teams of men and beast felled the native hardwood trees for building, railway sleepers, bridge beams and latterly telegraph pole and mine struts.   Saw mills sprouted like mushrooms and locations like Goat’s Knob, Hell Holes, Monkey Dung and Vimy Ridge are now entrenched local landmarks.

These earlier pioneers have inadvertently created a modern mountain bikers dream, their legacy a labyrinth of old mining and logging trails ripe for riding. 

These trails form the heart of the Tathra Enduro, offering a mix of forest roads, double track and secret stashes of single track deep in the heart of the coastal wilderness.

And as pretty as the picture is, the Tathra Enduro also offers some of the same hardships shown to the early settlers.  

You’ll no doubt spare a thought for that poor bullock, snigging a 500kg log from the forest when you tackle the mountains and the gullies.

In 2014 we changed courses and added more single track - to create one of the most challenging marathon courses. We've opted for the same courses in 2015. 

"Filthy" 50kers can still expect plenty of climbing, however the development of new single trail in the Bundadung area, and access to some special trails on private land now means riders will never be further than five kilometres from the heart of Tathra.

Those opting for the epic 100km will be doing 2 laps of the 50km course. That's a double dose of awesome single track.

Are you up for the challenge?

You still want more?

The Tathra Enduro is a mere appetiser of the district's mountain biking menu. It is the aim of the event to promote Tathra, its surrounding forests and National Parks as a coastal mountain biking destination.

Sweet single track can also be found at the nearby Manna Park and Mandeni Resorts (near Merimbula) and at Bermagui, 30 minutes north of Tathra.


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