Tathra Mountain Bike Enduro
Tathra Mountain Bike Enduro

Tathra Enduro





WHEN: 27 - 28th August 2016

WHERE: Tathra, Far South Coast, NSW (Six hours south of Sydney, three hours south east of Canberra and 3hrs north of Bairnsdale).

DISTANCES: Saturday - FREE kids races, Lap-It-Up 5km, 10km and 20km participation rides, Sunday Bundadung 25km, Mitas-Rubena 50km and King Nelba 75km.

2016 RESULTS click here

Riders seeking any further information on the Tathra MTB Enduro can also visit www.facebook.com/tathramtbclub

Riders can also email enquiries to info@mountainbiking.com.au

Washed out in June, but rebooted this August 27/28. Save the date and blast into spring with the Tathra MTB Enduro.

Yes, thanks to amazing community support we have rebounded from flooding, (mega) foam and fallen trees to again bring you a weekend of fun, family friendly MTB racing by the sea!

For those who missed the first incarnation; In 2016 we've introduced the King Nelba 75km event. But guaranteed the race program still includes the iconic Mitas 50km and Tuff 25km.

Saturday's events include the Lap-It-Up 20km, 10km and 5km; which are encouraging short lap races for those learning the ropes or for kids stepping up to the big time. Plus the free kids Bega Cheese Children's Chase.

Entries are NOW open.

All proceeds go to local community projects and the up-keep of the Tathra MTB trail network.

If you are considering the Tathra MTB Enduro – here’s what riders thought in 2015…..

Port to Port Winner - Mark Tupalski

The whole atmosphere at the Tathra MTB Enduro was awesome, especially with the whole town getting involved and the musicians. The Japanese drums at the top of the hill blew us all away. The trails over the back were great. It was super flowy and you hit some of the descents at Mach 10. It was an awesome event and I will definitely try to make it back if I can,”


Just wanted to drop you a line and thank you for yet another amazing race. This is my second year of doing the King Nelba and the tracks are just outstanding. The whole vibe is amazing with such a relaxed atmosphere. Being on the long weekend is a masterstroke, we come down from Wollongong (5 hrs) and made a weekend of it.”


Just a quick email to say how great the Tathra Enduro was. You guys have done an exceptional job. The trails, to say the least were epic. Every single inch of track had been looked after, no ugly surprises but technical enough to keep me and I assume everyone on their toes. The entertainment broke the pain in the legs and the snack stops look great (although I didn't stop).”

So grab the crew and go coastal on August 27-28, 2016 for a great weekend of mountain bike racing on some of the country’s most fun and flowing single track.

Click below for Strava links to the courses.

25km - https://www.strava.com/segments/11623746

50km - https://www.strava.com/segments/11623753

75km - https://www.strava.com/segments/11623751


  • 1.00pm               Bega Cheese Children’s Chase 1-3km race briefing/Start line
  • 1.30pm               Bega Cheese Children’s Chase 1-3km (presentation after event). - Tathra Country Club.
  • 2pm-5.00pm       Lap-It-Up 10km and 20km - Start at Tathra Country Club. (Random prize draw after event)


  • 8.00am               Race Briefing King Nelba 75km Start line
  •                            Welcome to Country
  • 8.30am               King Nelba 75km start - Tathra Country Club.
  • 9.40am               Race Briefing for Mitas Rubena 50km- Start line
  • 10.00am             Mitas Rubena 50km start - Tathra Country Club
  • 11.40am             Race Briefing for Tuff 25km - Start line
  • 12.00noon         Bundadung 25km start - Tathra Country Club
  • 2.30pm              Podium Presentations.In addition, a random prize draw will take place during racing, with winners posted during the event.




This race is open to all children under 14 years of age.

In 2016 there will be two courses.For young children there is a one-two lap ride on a flat track around the Tathra Country Club Oval and surrounding trails.

For older more skilled riders there is a 3km event that involves a single track hill climb and descent.

For both events the emphasis is on participation and enjoyment.Entry is FREE, but all children MUST register, prior to the race on the day.

Racing starts 1pm. All children to receive a goody bag for participation.

LAP-IT-UP 5km, 10km and 20km EVENTS (SATURDAY)

This is either a 5km, 10km or 20km lap event.

The race will be staged on the lower Bundadung (Poo Ponds) single track at Tathra, with some fire road. This race does not go out onto the main road or State forest trails.

It starts and finishes at the event hub at the Tathra Country Club.

The event is designed for those with limited MTB and single track experience, and children looking to test their stamina.

The single trail is not technically difficult, but does involve short hill climbs.Being a lap race, competitors return to the main hub after each circuit, and can opt to ride less laps.Riders can leave drink bottles at the hub during the race.

Anyone can enter. You can book in advance or enter on the day.

THE BUNDADUNG TUFF 25km- The race will start and finish at the Tathra Country Club. To break up the crowd, you’re going for a quick reccie on tar and fire roads over to Ford’s Farm and back.ROAD RULES APPLY HERE! You will be sharing the road with traffic.

The course then heads through the lower Bundadung and up the Evil-est Climb. It does not include the Bridges, instead descending via Haddi Gaddi, Nizentite and Anchors Away.

The event is 80 per cent single trail and is suited to those with mountain bike riding experience, but haven’t quite got the fitness to tackle the 50km event.

THE MITAS-RUBENA 50km - is a single track lovers dream – with a course featuring plenty of twists, turns and super single track.

It starts and finishes at the event hub at the Tathra Country Club.

Eighty per cent of the 2016 course is single track; the fun, flowing type of trail.

The course requires riders to be fit and have previous single track experience.

There is about 1000m of the climbing.

The race starts the Tathra Country Club. To break up the crowd, you’re going for a quick reccie on tar and fire roads over to Ford’s Farm and back.ROAD RULES APPLY HERE! You will be sharing the road with traffic.

Once back at the race HQ the course heads through lower Poo Ponds and up the Evil-est Climb.In 2016 The Bridges are again in the course – but early in the race – when your energy is at its max.

After completing a full dose of the Bundadung the event then heads over for a taste of Tathra fast Fire shed single trail, and a fast blast towardsBoulder Bay, and onto Loggers Loop before heading back to the Fire Shed via The Quarry.

Remember - Save some energy for the Poo Ponds finale as you hoot down Anchors’ Away to the finish.

There are two other road crossings – where you will be required to stop and give way to traffic – and the earlier starting stints on the tar.

It can be disorientating in the bush. Amazingly riders in 50km event will never be further than 5km from Tathra.

Fastest riders should complete the course in: 2hours30mins

Riders should carry their own food and water.

Drink stations are located at the 28km and 47km mark. (For riders wishing to leave their own food and drinks - These drink stations are located at Tathra Rural Fire Shed on the Tathra Bega Rd at the top of the Tathra Township).

THE KING NELBA 75km is new in 2016. It will consist of one-and-a-half laps of the Mitas Rubena “Filthy” 50km course.

This means you complete the full 50km course, come back through transition at the Tathra Country Club, before heading out to complete a second lap of the Bundadung. You will not be racing a second lap of the fire shed.

Instead, at the road crossing you will be diverted for home.

This race requires a high level of fitness and previous single track experience.

Fastest riders should complete the course in: 3hours45 minutes. Drink stations are located at 28km, 45km.

If you wish to leave drink bottles and food at the drink stations, their locations are at28km (Fireshed**) 45km (Tathra Country Club event hub).

**(Located at Tathra Rural Fire Shed on the Tathra Bega Rd at the top of the Tathra Township).